miércoles, 2 de noviembre de 2011

about my family

In my family has 20 members including uncles, cousins, brother, mom and dad.
My mom and dad are not married but live together, they are architects and work together on some projects.
My sister goes to university and my brother goes to the academy of kunfu. 
All my uncles are married, and also a couple of cousins that married. A cousin is resently divorced.
In my family there is respect, sincerity and most of all the union.

In Venezuela, most people are living together but not married. There are no married couples and single people with no obligation.

Marii Madriz
My class group
In my old school i had many friends, but I had two special best friends named ennyleth y gaby.

My classroom
My best Friends

my  school was strict but at times fun, we would do soccer games now that I'm in university everything changes, I have more responsabilities I have friends of different ages, 20, 30 even 40. 

In my english class section m511 we're united, studios and dinamic.

Marii Madriz :D

miércoles, 26 de octubre de 2011

Detective Stories

‎* Were 4 girls in a mall talking and having fun

* When suddenly there comes a thief....Give me saying to them all, the ipod and bb

* Girls are given and the thief runs..

* But a policeman was within walking distance of the girls and saw the thief to commit the crime of thef and runs behind the....

* Run, rUn, ruN.... and the policeman caught the thief and brings him to the police station for questioning..

* After the police questioned the criminal and this declared guilty, the police returned to the mall and gives the girls their belongings, while the thief is left in the police station.


Marii Madriz

lunes, 26 de septiembre de 2011


some exercices in class...simple past, present continuos

Marii Madriz

Special people.!

Here we present:

The are my special people, with them I laugh, I cry, I trust.  I love them! .
I love my mom, she is very important in my life because I was up in the morning to give me breakfast, also give me money to go out with my friends.
I have four friends and I usually accompany shopping in the afternoon. Their names are mayra, marianyela and andrea.
Genesis is my friend and study in the university. His nickname is wera's.

the end.! 

Marii Madriz

miércoles, 14 de septiembre de 2011

Have fun with English!

This is my blogger and this created for the activities assigned in english class at my university. 
Wed side lets people visit the blogger and to watch all the activities and if they want, they can follow al of them to do their homeworks.

Hi! My name is Mariangel Martinez, I'm 19 years old, i from venezuela and I live in maracaibo. I study accounting public at Urbe and studying the 7th trimester

I like to dance and eat chocolate and ice cream, i like sleeping, chatting, listening to music, watch horror and comedy movies with my friends. i hate talking on the phone and i hate bad words.

My dream is to be happy, traveling, having a family and an exellent work, I like to have my clothing line, among other things.

English is the universal language and is also interesting and fun.! i like reading in english and i don't like to talk.!

God bless you! 
           Marii Madriz